Ways to help prepare you and your family

At one time or another, we all must cope with a loss and its accompanying grief. There are many more obstacles you may face that can result in grieving, especially the loss of a loved one.

It’s not easy to cope after a loved one dies. Mourning is a natural process people experience as we try to deal with a loss. The outward expression of our loss is often grieving, which can be expressed physically, emotionally and psychologically.

“Time heals all wounds … “

While the passing of time can be a great healer, it can’t fix everything. Though a sense of grief is a typical response to a loss, there is no single way to deal with it, and people grieve in many different ways. While each person’s reaction to grief may differ, there are some things anyone can do to help in the grieving process:

  1. Allow yourself time to grieve, and understand it’s different for everyone
  2. Reach out to someone who understands your situation and is willing to listen
  3. Contact a certified counselor/therapist or support group to assist you

It can help to acknowledge grief and take steps to heal, and there are resources available to help people cope with a loss.

Finding help

You can find many grief support resources in your community. Start by asking someone at your local hospital, church/temple, funeral home, or community center. School counselors may also know of local resources.

The internet offers a wide range of resources on topics related to death, coping with change, and expressing feelings. Do a search using key words such as “kids and grief” or “families and mourning” for more information. Add the name of your city to find local grief counseling services in your area.

Social media can be a powerful tool to help you feel connected to your loved one and your network of support. You can also find many print and online books to help adults and children who are facing the grieving process. Ask a professional for the best current titles for your needs.

 How Life Insurance can help you cope with grief

Often, the level of a person’s grief correlates to their attachment to what is lost. If the loss involves a person who was also the source of income for the family, the loss may overwhelm a family’s finances, complicating an already stressful situation. To help you and your family during what can often be a turbulent time financially for a family, life insurance is available.

People are sometimes hesitant to even discuss life insurance, as it deals with the end of a person’s life. In fact, life insurance proceeds can provide comfort by allowing your family to grieve without worrying about the financial impact of your passing. Life insurance proceeds provide financial security by helping to cover final expenses and outstanding debts, helping to replace lost income, and helping your family hold on to their dreams.

As your survivors deal with your loss, they will be thankful that you had life insurance in place to help provide them with financial support after you are gone.

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Farmers New World Life Insurance Company, Farmers Friendly Voice, March 2016